Be the change: an early intro to Wovember 2016

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Be the change!

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Remember: to participate, upload photos of wool work to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #woolworks.

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17 thoughts on “Be the change: an early intro to Wovember 2016

  1. research paper topics for british literature Mulesing has been the last resort for over 100 years, whilst solutions for those problems with fly-strike already have been dealt with in countries where people see that sheep are abused in a very rude and brutal manner – and to be precise: it is a matter of money for most of the people that are doing it to their animals.
    Addressing this, making it part of discussion ánd talk about it in the media will help, I am sure! Cutting skin away, cutting tails away, removing male parts – all that without anesthetic help… just to get more fibers per square cm of sheep…. what are they thinking?

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