Update: Open Letter to The Campaign for Wool

Wovember kicked off early this year, back in September with this Letter to the Campaign for Wool. We’d not planned on starting Wovember so early, but felt called to action by so many grassroots wool workers feeling unsupported by the Campaign for Wool (CfW) and their wool conference un-ironically dubbed “The Davos of Wool”. We… Continue Reading Update: Open Letter to The Campaign for Wool

Prick Your Finger

This evening we are introducing our final weekly sub-theme for this year’s POLITICS OF WOOL extravaganza: WELCOME TO THE WEEK OF WOOLPOWERMENT! To kick things off we are revisiting a post from our archives about Prick Your Finger – the legendary haberdashery/wool shop/art gallery of Bethnal Green created by Rachael Matthews and Louize Harries in 2007. Prick… Continue Reading Prick Your Finger

Slovenske ovce in volna – Slovenian sheep and wool

Today continuing our EU sheep and wool tour we are in Slovenia where the word for sheep is ovce, and the word for wool is volna. The two sheep breeds listed as being native to Slovenia are the Jezersko-Solčava breed and the Bovec sheep. The Jezersko-Solčava sheep originate in Jezersko. ETA:  we also learnt from one… Continue Reading Slovenske ovce in volna – Slovenian sheep and wool

Journey of a wool yarn #2

Earlier in Wovember Louise spoke to Joy McMillan, from The Knitting Goddess about her plans to design a 100% Yorkshire wool yarn. In conversation with Louise and Joy was Claire Tunney, of Fourways Dorsets, whose fleece was going into the yarn. You can listen to their interview here. An important part of the process of creating… Continue Reading Journey of a wool yarn #2