WOOLNESS AND ME: Introducing Louise Spong

Let’s introduce you to another of our amazing contributors this year – local wool champion, Louise Spong! You may well be familiar with Louise as she is no stranger to Wovember, having been interviewed and provided us with some Wovember Words once or twice. Of course, many of you will be more acquainted with Louise… Continue Reading WOOLNESS AND ME: Introducing Louise Spong

Louise Spong and Jenny Dean on Natural Dyeing

Last night we heard from Louise Spong about The South Downs, Southdown sheep, and South Downs Yarn. You may have seen a few glimpses of the beautiful palette that the yarn is available in. Louise only uses natural dyes, and she is indepted to Jenny Dean, who is her mentor and partner in crime in… Continue Reading Louise Spong and Jenny Dean on Natural Dyeing

Louise Spong on Tracing Provenance

As part of our focus on small producers, Wovember Team Member Tom met up with Louise Spong, founder of South Downs Yarn and Jenny Dean, expert natural dyer, and visited Graham Langford, one of the three shepherds that own the Nepcote Flock of Southdown sheep. Cup of tea warning: make a brew and get comfy,… Continue Reading Louise Spong on Tracing Provenance

Team Wovember: Jeni, Louise, Emma & Paula

By no means least, its the turn of our incredible woolly contributers Louise Spong, Emma Ross and Paula Wolton and resident Team Wovember Photographer, Jeni Reid. Here they all are to tell us what they’ve enjoyed most about Wovember this year. We would like to take further opportunity to thank them, so heartily, for their… Continue Reading Team Wovember: Jeni, Louise, Emma & Paula

Where Wool Meets Wellness: Louise

Wovember is drawing to a close and Team Wovember want to reflect on their favourite,stand out posts and images from the month. Today Louise is here with hers. This year’s theme has struck right to the woolly heart of many of you. Wellness means something different to all of us and I really hope the… Continue Reading Where Wool Meets Wellness: Louise


As fans of agriculture and wool-growing will know, everything has its time and its season… And that includes WOVEMBER. In 2011 when we first established this project there were far fewer produces of traceable, sustainable 100% wool yarns than exist now; the political landscape was pretty different; and the creators of the site were several… Continue Reading AND NOW THE END IS NEAR AND SO WE FACE THE FINAL CURTAIN

Felix’s reflections

As Wovember draws to its close, and following on from Louise’s post yesterday, this evening Felix reflects on this year’s Wovember with its Woolness theme. Please feel free to share your own reflections on this month in the comments! I’ve loved this year’s Wovember postings and the different voices brought to this blog by our… Continue Reading Felix’s reflections

Woolness & Activism

Greetings and welcome to this week of Wovember. We felt our woolness theme this year would not be complete without a section on activism. From its inexorable relationship with sustainability and land management, to its connections with forms of domestic labour and its ability to heal and inspire, wool feels – and is – inherently… Continue Reading Woolness & Activism

Crochet, Community and Wellbeing

Earlier this year I stumbled across a lovely instagram account @coastalcrochet run by the equally lovely Eleonora. Eleonora lives a few miles to the east of me on the Sussex coast where the South Down cliffs meet the sea. Not only is she an avid crocheter, she has also been supporting some rather special wellbeing… Continue Reading Crochet, Community and Wellbeing

Sheepwrecked to Resc(ewe)d

How a grazing scheme run by Sussex Wildlife Trust is helping to restore chalk grassland habitats, with Mark, Gary and Chase the dog   I’m not sure what I was doing in 2013 when George Monbiot published his essay ‘Sheepwrecked: How Britain has been shagged by the white plague.’ Whatever I was up to I missed… Continue Reading Sheepwrecked to Resc(ewe)d