Postscript #1

This is my Pops who is a fantastic dual supporter of both WOVEMBER and Movember. For those of you not in the know, Movember is a fantastic annual campaign which – like WOVEMBER – runs throughout the month of November. Movember is a registered charity which has been set up to organise events in which… Continue Reading Postscript #1


Hello, Hot on the heels of today’s earlier announcement, here are the winners of the different WOVEMBER WAL prizes! The ‘prizes’ are a selection of wool-covered brooches created by me to commemorate WOVEMBER, plus a sheepy card, and everlasting fortune and glory on this blog. The winners in the different categories are as follow. In… Continue Reading WOVEMBERWAL WINNERS!


Hello and a Very Happy New Year to you all! Apologies for the slight lateness in posting details of our WOVEMBER photo competition and WOVEMBERWAL winners; the Winter was rather busy for all members of the team and we have all been rather swept up in our respective work with WOOL! The festive season saw… Continue Reading WOVEMBER PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS, 2013