We are in the process of moving all the content from this website to a self-hosted platform which will give us more flexibility with the design and layout of the site. This site is an archive now of all the content produced between 2011 – 2015 but WOVEMBER 2016 is happening at WOVEMBER.COM. Please bear… Continue Reading Wovember.com

Wovember 2015

Greetings fellow WOVEMBERISTS! Myself and Team WOVEMBER member Louise Scollay met in Shetland during Shetland Wool Week to advance plans for this year’s annual celebration of sheep and wool. There will be badges! There will be photos from our amazing photographic correspondent Jeni Reid (who captures the very soul of wool in her photos). By… Continue Reading Wovember 2015

Designing a Yarn, Part 3

Sue Blacker joins WOVEMBER again for part 3 of her series on designing yarns from a mill’s perspective; if you didn’t catch parts 1 and 2 you can find them here and here. Blacker Yarns: what works? This is the question of the fibre/yarn compatibility… Personal taste does play a role here – we tend… Continue Reading Designing a Yarn, Part 3

Spring has sprung!

After a long and largely sunless Winter, SPRING is finally here! In my garden here in Reading, there is an apple tree with new growth bristling in its twisty branches; the papery petals of the hellebore flowers are in bloom; a scattering of vivacious green leaves are sprouting along the hedges; and neat little clusters… Continue Reading Spring has sprung!