Team Wovember: Allison and Rachel

Hey there awesome Wovember Insta Challengers! View this post on Instagram #wovemberinstachallenge Day 25: Snuggle Wool snuggles! I feel awkward without some Wool about me at all times – I swear it has calming properties similar to small rocks and driftwood 😊🐑😍 #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #endsaremyfriends #meret #owlsweater #hapcowl A post shared by Kim Bruce (@peislandergirl)… Continue Reading Team Wovember: Allison and Rachel

Felix’s reflections

As Wovember draws to its close, and following on from Louise’s post yesterday, this evening Felix reflects on this year’s Wovember with its Woolness theme. Please feel free to share your own reflections on this month in the comments! I’ve loved this year’s Wovember postings and the different voices brought to this blog by our… Continue Reading Felix’s reflections

Superwash: Woolness for the US wool industry

Today we are delighted to share with you a blog post which Krista McCurdy wrote for her own website, Pigeon Roof Studio. The topic of superwash wool is one on which many of us have a strong opinion. Here at Wovember we have had posts from people who like superwash for its ease of care… Continue Reading Superwash: Woolness for the US wool industry

Woolness & Activism

Greetings and welcome to this week of Wovember. We felt our woolness theme this year would not be complete without a section on activism. From its inexorable relationship with sustainability and land management, to its connections with forms of domestic labour and its ability to heal and inspire, wool feels – and is – inherently… Continue Reading Woolness & Activism

WOOLNESS WORDS: Sweaters that Talk Back

Today’s Woolness Words post features the fantastic introduction from Lisa Anne Auerbach’s highly recommended book, Charted Patterns for SWEATERS THAT TALK BACK. Lisa Anne Auerbach is known for translating bold political statements into fantastically critical and opinionated knitwear. She recasts the simple sweater as a canvas for activism and ideology. We thought this paragraph offers… Continue Reading WOOLNESS WORDS: Sweaters that Talk Back

Wovember 2017: WOOLNESS themes and structure

Greetings, Wovemberists and wool-lovers! This evening we thought we’d talk about how we’ve structured content through Wovember this year, and briefly introduce our amazing guest curators and contributors. As you’ll have noticed, we’ve been trailing the theme of WOOLNESS: WHERE WELLNESS MEETS WOOL. We thought it would be useful to unpack a little bit what… Continue Reading Wovember 2017: WOOLNESS themes and structure