Woolness and me: Past, present and future in wool

Hazel Smith, Mill Manager at Uist Wool, is here today to talk about her love for wool and how much wool wellness she gleans from working in the industry. Hazel wrote a longer article for us last year on her work at the mill, and the incredible yarns they make that tell the story of… Continue Reading Woolness and me: Past, present and future in wool

Sue Blacker on Shearing Wool

We are always honoured and delighted to include articles from honorary Team Wovember member, Sue Blacker. This year we asked if we may re-publish a recent blog post that Sue wrote at her own blog, part of a series there on the journey that wool takes from sheep to skein.  You may have seen the recent… Continue Reading Sue Blacker on Shearing Wool

Superwash: Woolness for the US wool industry

Today we are delighted to share with you a blog post which Krista McCurdy wrote for her own website, Pigeon Roof Studio. The topic of superwash wool is one on which many of us have a strong opinion. Here at Wovember we have had posts from people who like superwash for its ease of care… Continue Reading Superwash: Woolness for the US wool industry

Woolness and us: Of Fleece and Friendship

Sarah Hunt, host of the Fiber Trek podcast, sent us this wonderful post for Wovember. While it WAY exceeded our word count for the ‘woolness and me’ posts, we thought it would make a very special “woolness and us” story. This Wovember we have seen how wool contributes to wide ideas and examples of wellness.… Continue Reading Woolness and us: Of Fleece and Friendship

WOOLNESS & THE LAND: Yuli Sømme 2017

This evening’s post comes from Yuli Sømme with whom Paula Wolton has worked since the outset of the One Hut Full project. In these short texts she explores the many ways in which she works with wool to help us better connect this material with its origins in the land. Feet Felt “We’re going to… Continue Reading WOOLNESS & THE LAND: Yuli Sømme 2017

Crochet, Community and Wellbeing

Earlier this year I stumbled across a lovely instagram account @coastalcrochet run by the equally lovely Eleonora. Eleonora lives a few miles to the east of me on the Sussex coast where the South Down cliffs meet the sea. Not only is she an avid crocheter, she has also been supporting some rather special wellbeing… Continue Reading Crochet, Community and Wellbeing

Sheepwrecked to Resc(ewe)d

How a grazing scheme run by Sussex Wildlife Trust is helping to restore chalk grassland habitats, with Mark, Gary and Chase the dog   I’m not sure what I was doing in 2013 when George Monbiot published his essay ‘Sheepwrecked: How Britain has been shagged by the white plague.’ Whatever I was up to I missed… Continue Reading Sheepwrecked to Resc(ewe)d

A new shepherdess in Burpham

There are many things related to wool that that bring me a sense of wellbeing. Some that are directly relevant to the following set of interviews are: contemplating the interconnectedness of things; how history runs into the present and how paying heed to the future is important in all our actions in the present.  … Continue Reading A new shepherdess in Burpham

yarn that tells the story of Uist

This week our theme is centred on wool empowerment. Earlier in Wovember we heard from Dana MacPhee, director of Uist Wool, on the project’s inception and setting up their mill. Today we are pleased to welcome mill manager Hazel Smith to give her personal account of her involvement with the project.  Uist Wool. Our name, I believe,… Continue Reading yarn that tells the story of Uist

Journey of a wool yarn #2

Earlier in Wovember Louise spoke to Joy McMillan, from The Knitting Goddess about her plans to design a 100% Yorkshire wool yarn. In conversation with Louise and Joy was Claire Tunney, of Fourways Dorsets, whose fleece was going into the yarn. You can listen to their interview here. An important part of the process of creating… Continue Reading Journey of a wool yarn #2