Just one sleep…

…until WOVEMBER is upon us. Here are some glimpses of treats to come… Until tomorrow…

Why “Closing the Gap”? and why SONIK WOVEMBER?

I hope you won’t mind a personal post here from me, Felicity, one of the members of TEAM WOVEMBER! I wanted to explain a little bit why I chose “Closing the Gap” as the theme for this year’s month-long celebration of WOOL and why there will be a SONIK dimension to this years’ WOVEMBER festivities.… Continue Reading Why “Closing the Gap”? and why SONIK WOVEMBER?

Recommended Reading

This Wovember, we highly recommend the following books: 1) The Woolpack by Cynthia Harnett is a wonderful piece of historic fiction. Although aimed principally at younger readers, this adventure story is well-researched and really brings the history of the wool trade in the Cotswolds alive through vivid and careful description. A really nice bedtime story… Continue Reading Recommended Reading

Wovember preparations

Although the blog may seem relatively quiet, things are heating up behind the Wovember scenes! Here’s a glimpse of what’s going on. 1) The Wovember Woollen Brooch Factory is working full tilt to unleash a wonderful range of 100% WOOL covered brooches at 20:00 GMT on 1st WOVEMBER. This year, we are delighted to be… Continue Reading Wovember preparations


To people who follow Felicity Ford’s blog, it will come as no surprise that this year’s “Closing the Gap” theme for Wovember will feature a SONIK dimension! To introduce this SONIK element, we shall commence with a fun sheep sound factoid! Did you know that the sounds of sheep being herded are some of the… Continue Reading Announcing SONIK WOVEMBER

A Q&A With Wovember’s New Team Member: tomofholland

Team Wovember has a new team member: tomofholland. Tom is a self-taught knitter and mender, and you can find out more about his work on his blog. To introduce Tom to all you WOOL lovers, here’s a Q&A baring all: How did you hear about Wovember? I found out about Wovember last year either from… Continue Reading A Q&A With Wovember’s New Team Member: tomofholland