Sue Blacker on Shearing Wool

We are always honoured and delighted to include articles from honorary Team Wovember member, Sue Blacker. This year we asked if we may re-publish a recent blog post that Sue wrote at her own blog, part of a series there on the journey that wool takes from sheep to skein.  You may have seen the recent… Continue Reading Sue Blacker on Shearing Wool

From the Archives: The Shearer

Later today Sue Blacker will be here to talk about shearing processes. We felt that we couldn’t possibly preface this with anything else but The Rapping Shearer, AKA Adam McClure. We first shared this back in 2015 and Wovemberists just loved it. Here it is again for your enjoyment. : : : : : WOVEMBER… Continue Reading From the Archives: The Shearer

Tarndwarncoort: birthplace of the Polwarth

We are sure you will agree that today’s posts have given a lot of food for thought.  We have one final bonus post tonight from natural dyer and knitter Julia Billings, AKA Woollenflower. This summer Jules was back in her homeland of Australia to teach natural dyeing workshops at Tarndwarncoort, Western Victoria. This is where the Polwarth… Continue Reading Tarndwarncoort: birthplace of the Polwarth

WOAH-vember !

An extra WOVEMBER post today with an important announcement. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY GOT IT ON THE NOSE THIS WOVEMBER!   We asked you for your WOVEMBER contributions this year and we have had such an incredible response to our call for submissions. We have been OVERWHELMED with woolly contributions and, staggeringly, we have now come to… Continue Reading WOAH-vember !