Felix’s reflections

As Wovember draws to its close, and following on from Louise’s post yesterday, this evening Felix reflects on this year’s Wovember with its Woolness theme. Please feel free to share your own reflections on this month in the comments! I’ve loved this year’s Wovember postings and the different voices brought to this blog by our… Continue Reading Felix’s reflections

WOOLNESS AND ME: Introducing Louise Spong

Let’s introduce you to another of our amazing contributors this year – local wool champion, Louise Spong! You may well be familiar with Louise as she is no stranger to Wovember, having been interviewed and provided us with some Wovember Words once or twice. Of course, many of you will be more acquainted with Louise… Continue Reading WOOLNESS AND ME: Introducing Louise Spong

Wovember 2017: WOOLNESS themes and structure

Greetings, Wovemberists and wool-lovers! This evening we thought we’d talk about how we’ve structured content through Wovember this year, and briefly introduce our amazing guest curators and contributors. As you’ll have noticed, we’ve been trailing the theme of WOOLNESS: WHERE WELLNESS MEETS WOOL. We thought it would be useful to unpack a little bit what… Continue Reading Wovember 2017: WOOLNESS themes and structure

Getting Ready for Wovember 2017

Stand on your tiptoes and you can just about see Wovember peeping over the horizon! We have been lining up a month of incredible posts and articles for you on this year’s theme of Where Wool Meets Wellness; some of this content is by us, and some of it has been curated or contributed by… Continue Reading Getting Ready for Wovember 2017

Announcing the YITC instagram challenge for Wovember 2017!

This morning we are handing over to Allison and Rachel, who are going to tell you all about the genius instagram challenge they’ve devised for this year’s Wovember in place of our annual photo competition; without further ado, please give a warm welcome to our Yarn in the City buddies and comrades in wool! This… Continue Reading Announcing the YITC instagram challenge for Wovember 2017!

Wool, Wellness and You

As you can see from our website, the theme for Wovember 2017 is “Woolness: where wool meets wellness”. We are really looking forward to exploring this subject this Wovember and talking about the myriad ways in which wool can contribute towards, and promote, wellness. So what do we mean by “wellness?” You may have heard… Continue Reading Wool, Wellness and You