Wool, Wellness and You

As you can see from our website, the theme for Wovember 2017 is “Woolness: where wool meets wellness”. We are really looking forward to exploring this subject this Wovember and talking about the myriad ways in which wool can contribute towards, and promote, wellness. So what do we mean by “wellness?” You may have heard… Continue Reading Wool, Wellness and You

Update: Open Letter to The Campaign for Wool

Wovember kicked off early this year, back in September with this Letter to the Campaign for Wool. We’d not planned on starting Wovember so early, but felt called to action by so many grassroots wool workers feeling unsupported by the Campaign for Wool (CfW) and their wool conference un-ironically dubbed “The Davos of Wool”. We… Continue Reading Update: Open Letter to The Campaign for Wool

In conversation with Sonya Philip

As promised earlier today, here is Sonya Philip in conversation with Felicity Ford of Wovember. Please tell us about you! F: First of all, would you mind introducing yourself to our Wovember readers? S: My name is Sonya Philip, I’m an artist and designer living in San Francisco. I work primarily with textiles: knitting, sewing,… Continue Reading In conversation with Sonya Philip


We interrupt the flow of the EU sheep breeds series to invite you to join an open discussion: #woolbodypositive. This evening we have a special Q&A with Sonya Philip whom you may know from her iconic project “100 acts of sewing“. Wovember is about challenging the fashion industry’s misuse of the terms wool, woolly and… Continue Reading #woolbodypositive

From reading blogs to designing knitwear – an inspiring woolly journey

This week with our Be the Change focus, we really want to celebrate how each of us can be effective in ways both small and large when it comes to changing the future of wool. You can follow the hashtag #bethechangeforwool to see how folk are expressing that concept in different ways. This evening on the… Continue Reading From reading blogs to designing knitwear – an inspiring woolly journey

Wool and Brexit

Good evening! We want to update you on a few things. The Wovember Petition First and foremost, we have begun a process for officially submitting the Wovember petition to the European Parliament with a supporting paragraph asking that, in light of the 997 signatures we have collected here, we feel that the confusing EU labelling legislation… Continue Reading Wool and Brexit