Announcing Wovember 2012!


This year Wovember will be focussed on closing the gap between producers and consumers of yarn. The month of November will feature a sequence of woolly contents on the Wovember site, divided into 5 sections:

*growing wool
*harvesting wool
*processing wool
*working with wool
*wearing wool

A range of specific people have been invited to contribute guests posts for each section, but in addition to this, YOU are warmly invited to help shape the celebration! You can submit:

*a blog post (100 – 700 words long) re: any of the five topics in the list
*a photo relating to any of the five topics in the list (photos should be 1024 pixels wide and saved as jpegs where possible, but if you aren’t sure how to resize images, please email your photos anyway!)

…submissions should be emailed to wovember[at]gmail[dot]com by 31st October 2012, with the section category as the email title. Selected submissions will feature on the Wovember website throughout the month of November 2012, and the best blog-post or photo submitted in each category will be awarded a prize.

There are so many ways to close the gap! Submissions will be chosen based on their overall WOOL factor; how you interpret the idea of closing the gap is up to you, but for inspiration, you might want to look at the winning photographs from last year’s photo competition and read about how the winners were shortlisted.

* The prize pot so far contains Blacker Designs Yarn, WOVEMBER Woolly Brooches, and a copy of Kate Davies’ forthcoming book, ‘Kate Davies Knits: Colours of Shetland’.

The closing date for entries is October 31st, 2012.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, and here’s to A WARM AND WOOLLY WOVEMBER! Please feel free to republish this announcement, and to put the Wovember site badge on your site in celebration of WOOL!