Growing Wool in pictures by Louise Fairburn

WOVEMBER readers may remember this prize-winning photo, taken by Helena Callum last WOVEMBER? In writing about the sheep photos submitted last year, TEAM WOVEMBER were uncertain about what type of sheep this was, but luckily Louise Fairburn – shepherd to the Risby Longwool Flock – recognised the photo in Helena’s photo as one of her own, so that we can all now be 100% certain that this is a Lincoln Longwool Sheep.

Photo © Helena Callum, feat. Lincoln Longwool sheep from the Risby Longwool Flock

As well as being shepherd to the sheep in Helena’s wonderful photo, Louise is famous for having made her own wedding dress directly from her flock of Lincoln Longwools! We will hear more of this later in WOVEMBER but for now, here are a couple of pictures from Louise in which we see Lincoln Longwool growing!

All photos unless otherwise stated, © Louise Fairburn, shepherd to the Risby Grange Longwool flock, and used with her kind permission