Wovember Words #1

Dear Wovember readers, welcome to Wovember 2013, where we will be celebrating another round of all things WOOL! The official start will be tonight, but I, Team Wovember Member Tom, have the privilege to start the first of Wovember with the first of a new series of Wovember Words. Some of you may know already what Wovember Words are, but some of you may not, so let me introduce them again: every weekday throughout Wovember, I will be posting a small titbit for elevenses (a short break for light refreshments, usually with tea or coffee, taken about eleven o’clock in the morning.) Wovember Words light refreshments consist of a small woolly word post. This may be a quote from a book, a dictionary entry of a wool-related word, or occasionally, a song.

So, without much further ado, here is Wovember Words  #1:


A WAL is a “Wool-Along,” where you are invited to join in a 100% wool related activity, such as spinning, weaving, crocheting, knitting, felting, or any other making craft, utilising wool. If you want to join the WOVEMBER WAL simply select your proposed 100% WOOL project and set a timescale for the month. You could:

  • Knit something in 100% WOOL yarn
  • Crochet something in 100% WOOL yarn
  • Sew something in 100% WOOL cloth
  • Weave something in 100% WOOL yarns
  • Felt something in 100% WOOL yarns
  • Complete a personal spinning challenge using 100% WOOL fibres
  • Come up with ingenious other WOOL based making activity

The point of the WAL is to celebrate the diversity of what we can do with WOOL, to share what we discover about this amazing textile as we work with it, and to encourage each other as we go.

You can find more details on the Wovember WAL page, and we welcome any contributions and will enjoy sharing how people around the world are getting on with their woolly projects.


My WAL will consist of three projects: like last year, I’m planning to make a pair of woollen trousers. I’m also going to venture into the world of machine-knitting, and I have already made a start on a cardigan in 100% Shetland wool. Last but not least, I’m also working on a Fair Isle cardigan in Foula Wool.