Wovember Words: Fine wool takes up little space

The distinctive voice of Elizabeth Zimmerman has featured in Wovember Words several times previously. Today we are sharing extracts from her notes on knitting a Pi Shawl.

A round shawl, in fine wool, on a circular needle, is my invariable companion when space is limited, waiting-around probable, and events uncertain.

First of all, fine wool takes up little space, but affords plenty of actual knitting.

One of my early shawls went with me on an air-trip to Spain, and proved invaluable. I had started at home, and brought it as far as the 16″ needle stage. Soon, at 144 stitches and Lisbon airport, it was on the 24″ needle, and it zigzagged about Europe with me for two or three weeks before returning home, completed. On its circular needle it formed its own knitting-bag to contain the ball of wool. When I was through knitting for a while, I tied the two needle-ends into half a knot and stuffed the whole business into my traveling bag. Even when the shawl was quite large I could get in easily, so fine was the beautiful Shetland wool I was using.

-Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac; projects for each month of the year, Dover Publications, Mineola, NY


Anne Macdonald, ‘100% Shetland Wool. Handwash only in Warm Water.’

We couldn’t resist putting Elizabeth’s words about the wonders of Shetland Wool with this beautiful photo submitted to our photo gallery in 2011 by Anne Macdonald, and are sure Elizabeth would have agreed with Anne’s care instructions for fine Shetland wool!