Lamb camp

Sara Dunham – the shepherd from whom we heard earlier in the month – has sent us some beautiful pieces about her sheep. These will sometimes appear between now and the end of WOVEMBER as lovely snippets designed to give you a sheepy boost to beat the afternoon slump! Thanks Sara for these wonderful words and images from Punkin’s Patch.

Lamb Camp

I didn’t grow up raising sheep so I’ve been extremely fortunate to have some good local and not so local shepherds take me under their wings and share their knowledge and experience. Shepherding is a labor of love. Seeing healthy, beautiful lambs hitting the ground each spring is a great reward. Being able to hang out and take pictures is a real treat.

We call it Lamb Camp. As soon as the lambs start arriving at Final Frontier Farm in Paris, Kentucky, our phones start buzzing, lunches are packed, camera batteries charged up. We mostly are there for our own delight. The lamb barn is cozy and quickly packed with jugs full of lambies just hours old. Heaven.

Many of the ewes have gotten used to us over the years. We tote water buckets, flakes of hay, make sure everyone is eating, iodine navels and snorgle lambs. We skirt fleeces during breaks in the action, fix lunches and sometimes dinners for the shepherds, babysit the barn when they need a break and at the end of the day go home to our warm beds ;-).

Here are a few favorite pictures. Enjoy!

All content © Sara Dunham and used here with kind permission.