WOAH-vember !

An extra WOVEMBER post today with an important announcement.




We asked you for your WOVEMBER contributions this year and we have had such an incredible response to our call for submissions. We have been OVERWHELMED with woolly contributions and, staggeringly, we have now come to the stage where we have to say that we are unable to accept any more contributions for WOVEMBER 2015!

As Felix mentioned in our opening post, it is mainly the two of us running proceedings this year and the superlative, well researched and well-written contributions we’ve received –  with 100% WOOL at the core – are enriching our content, spreading the WOVEMBER word and are really engaging. We cannot thank you enough for your contributions and your deep love of wool – thank you so much for sharing this with us.

If you have been in contact with us about writing a post and we have replied to the affirmative then please continue and send it into us by the deadline specified. If you wanted to send us a post and are feeling a bit deflated reading this then we really encourage you to keep it for WOVEMBER 2016. We will make it even easier for early submissions for next year!

What all this wonderful extra woolly content means for this year is that in addition to our three posts per day – Wovember words, daily photo and our evening post – we will be able to bring you BONUS posts too. The very best way you can keep updated on when posts go out is to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Each time we publish a post it generates an update in your timelines, with the link!

Of course you can still contribute to this WOVEMBER by taking part in our WAL and photo contest and we really look forward to seeing your entries!

Once more, thank you so very much for your continued support of WOVEMBER and all things WOOL!



Sheep nose image copyright Susan Gibbs

Team Wovember image copyright Jeni Reid