Daily Photo: Festivals 6

This photo concludes the Daily Photo series of photos taken and curated by Jeni Reid especially for WOVEMBER. For the WEARING WOOL phase of WOVEMBER we have been delving into the joy of WOOL FESTIVALS – surely some of the best places to see WOOL being worn, and also some of the best places to see how we collectively wear WOOL as a cultural meeting point!

This is just a small selection of the sights I saw when attending festivals over 2015. I went to Edinburgh Yarn Festival, Woolfest in Cumbria, Shetland Wool Week and the In the Loop conference. Other festivals are available and I hope to go to all of them one day.


Monkl finds banana nirvana. You can match anything with yarn shades from Shetland. Here is Monkl, Felix’s faithful companion checking out the banana coloured yarns.

Thank you so much to Jeni Reid for the amazing Daily photograph series curated for WOVEMBER!
photo and text © Jeni Reid and used here with kind permission.
You can see Jeni’s photos by following her on instagram here and you can see Monkl with his mended woolly nose (stitched carefully closed with J&S Heritage yarn) and the sweater that Deborah Gray knit him for out of his banana-themed yarns here