The Wovember Instagram Competition 2016

For the 3rd year in a row we are pleased to announce that the Wovember Photo Competition is happening on Instagram.

All you have to do to enter is use the hashtag #Wovember2016 on any images which show the ways you are appreciating and celebrating sheep and wool this Wovember …be it showing off woollen object, working with wool, wearing wool, processing wool, shearing wool, cuddling sheep (like Louise)… the list goes on. 


A post shared by Louise Scollay (@knit_british) on Oct 7, 2016 at 3:03am PDT

As you may remember from previous years, we post a weekly round up of our favourite images on a Sunday. There will also be a prize for one lucky entrant at the end of Wovember.

This year we are delighted that Joanne Spittler is going to bring you her favourites each week. 

As a means of introduction, here is Joanne with a few of her highlights from last year’s competition.


As a knitwear designer and passionate wool lover Wovember is my absolute favourite month! This year I have been given the honour of picking some favourite images on Instagram using the #Wovember2016 hashtag for the Wovember website and will be sharing them with you.
I have had a look through last years hashtag gallery and these are the images which stood out to me:

My humble Hap in it's cocoon stage. The Hap as an everyday, functional garment captured my imagination after reading about them on Kate Davies' blog. Then there was all the Hap excitement during the Knit British Hapalong. I've knit one where I loved the pattern but not the yarn. I've knit one where I love the yarn but not the pattern so much. And I've knit one where I loved both the pattern and the yarn but it was a gift. So I decided my #wovemberwal project would be to imagine and knit a Hap to suit me. Elements I wanted to include- light yet cozy, functional, simple vertical, colorwork stripes, knit circularly, a Steek for excitement, fringe for fun, and 100% Wool -this being a Wovemberwal project after all. #knitting for #wovember2015

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I love the way Lynn’s hap in progress catches the light and just wants me to grab it and knit!
Fran looks so deeply involved in her work and it feels like her love for wool is sending sparks.
Wei Siew Leong’s photoghraph captures the cables and thus the fascinating patterns one can create with wool so well. I can literally feel the fabric.




Thank so much to Joanne, we really look forward to seeing your weekly picks in our gallery!
If you would like to follow Joanne’s own photostream you can find her on instagram as joannefinelightness and Hello at her website