How You Celebrated Wovember – wearing wool

Hello there! We are currently picking the winners of the Wovember WAL and the IG photo competition – we shall have a post for you tomorrow with the winners and their prizes. We are stunned once again by the entries – you should all be very proud of your wool work in the WAL and your incredible photos. Looking at the instagram feed of #wovember2016 one thing is very clear indeed. Like a badge of woolly honour, you took a stance on promoting wool this Wovember and you covered your bodies in it proudly.

This year, perhaps more than any other year, you have been posting on social media your Wovember woolly outfits – some of you posted daily. Of course, we know that you love wool all year round, but your commitment to wearing wool in Wovember has bowled us over. We have absolutely loved seeing you in your woolly wear and we thought that it was only fitting to share a few of those outfits here on Wovember.

Woolly windy walks! We hope you managed to stay upright, Mara!


Aw! Passing on a love of wool is utterly in action here!


Woolly cuteness in winter sunshine.


We do love to feature cats and wool here and Mr T, who owns Charlotte Bilby, looks mighty cozy!

When your model just isn't feeling it. #knittingandcats #tabby #christmasknitting #wovember2016 #cairn #ysolda

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Charlotte herself is looking pretty cozy too. Such beautiful colours and textures here!


Elouise in monochromatic wool appreciation! Natures shades are truly stunning.


Julia looks resplendent in her Deco cardigan. Her post is a great reminder of how long-wearing and resilient wool can be


Frizzylogic cuts an incredibly colourful dash through the winter grey


Bernard, owner of Lisa Jayne, loves to commandeer the wool garments for himself!


Look at these jubilant wool wearers!


Hands up, who loves wool?! We do too, Jubble66!


Doctor Who wool stylings here and in a special scarf. Looking cosy and colourful there, Louise!


What is it with cats and sheepy wool? We’ve postured on this before at Wovember. Whatever it is, we love to see your cats and wool images.


Finally, look at this lovely shot –  a wee shepherd, clad in a baa-ble hat, looks over her flock

We could show you more, but you can view the rest by looking at the hashtags #Wovember and  #wovember2016.

Ahead of our post on the prizes tomorrow,  this is also a good opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has also posted on social media and has blogged or podcasted about Wovember. Particular thanks go to those of you who have been inspired to #bethechangeforwool and have taken up wool issues on your own platforms. We utterly applaud and salute you.

We also need to thank everyone who donated to the Wovember Tip Jar. This is the first year we have introduced a donation facility and the money that goes into this will help with running the website and keeping Wovember ticking over. We didn’t really advertise the fact that we had a donation button, other than placing it at the bottom of our website, but already so many of you have been incredibly generous. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate this. The first funding goal will be to import the wovember archives (from the old site) so that it is all in one place here at

We also have a few other wonderful people to thank.

Jeni Reid has enriched Wovember for quite a few years now with her incredible photographs. Jeni has an eye for detail in wool, textiles and sheep which is entrancing. This year she took the reins of the @Wovemberwool IG account and shared her images there too. Thank you so much, Jeni. Wovember would be less beautifully illustrated without you, your stories and your images.


Have you been following Fran on instagram? She has taken us on a journey through French sheep breeds. We thank her so very much for taking Wovember with her on that voyage. Truly, Fran – you are a real Wovember Ambassador.

Here she is with her little one, bundled up in ALL the wool. Lovely shot.


The wonderful Nadine Haarich organised and hosted our Wovember Swap this year on Ravelry. Her enthusiasm for Wovember and for wool is unbounding. Thank you, Nadine.

#crofthoosehat in the wild – wearing 100 % wool for #Wovember

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We say a big cheers to Rachel Brown, from Yarn in the City, who started a #WovemberChallenge to wear wool every day of November and encouraged us all to do the same.

#Wovember kicks off grey and cold – thank goodness for #BFL #Lothian! #wovemberchallenge #wearwooleveryday #ifttt

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Finally, and by no means least, thank you to Joanne Spittler. Joanne delved into the IG feed every week to bring you a round up of her favourite wool images and entries into the IG photo contest. Thank you so much, Joanne!


Tune in tomorrow for those wovember winners!