Woolness and Me: Introducing Emma Ross

Today we are delighted to welcome Emma Ross and introduce her to you as one of our Wovember contributors this year. Emma will be writing on Woolness and the Individual and Louise wanted to ask Emma a little about herself and what woolness means to her.

Hi Emma! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi Louise, thank you for asking me to take part in Wovember, I am truly delighted to be part of Team Wovember. I am a woolly-minded southerner living in Lancashire. By day I work in HR and by night I am a keen knitter, fascinated in all things natural fibre and obsessed by knitting design, construction and history. I can usually be found on the end of the sofa, in my local yarn store or coffee shop knitting.

What’s your interest in wool and where did it start?

My interest in wool has always been there since I was a child surrounded by knitting but I think it took a different meaning in 2013 when I taught myself to knit, a whole new world opened up with new yarns, fibre and colours. I was working for a large national retailer when the Rana Plaza disaster took place in 2013. This disaster really brought home to me the human cost of clothing. Because of one afternoon I buy a lot less, but what I buy or thrift is quality and it has to fit my style and I have to love it. If not, I walk away from it. I don’t need it. I just wish I could do the same with my stash, but my stash reflects my love of local British and ethical yarns, because of the story or fibre blend it has to feature in there. A yarn for every occasion.  

What does Woolness mean to you?

Woolness to me means community. Behind every maker there is a community. A community of farmers, shearers, scourers, spinners, and dyers produce every single ball of yarn. I am a small part of an incredible community of makers locally and worldwide and I love it when this community gets together to celebrate all things wool! I meet my knit and natter group at Knit Wise in Ormskirk every Wednesday night, and I wouldn’t be the knitter I am without them.

What is your favourite 100% WOOL item and why?

Can I have more than one? My hand knitted hats are my absolute favourite item. I must have about 14 different hats in all colours, blends and styles and I love them all. There isn’t a better feeling then wearing a new hand knit is there? I feel like I can take on the world wearing my hand knits.    

Making plans with handspun British wool (c) Emma Ross

Empowered in wool! We love that. We really hope you enjoy Emma’s posts this week and don’t forget you can also take part by using #woolnessandme on social media and talk about the ways in which you feel wool impacts on your own wellbeing.