WOOLNESS WORDS: The Power of Knitters

Jeni Reid’s image of young knitters from Whalsay, Shetland

A funny thing happens when more than one knitter gathers in a public place. A solo knitter, presuming she is a woman, quickly fades into the backdrop like a potted palm or a quietly nursing mother. … A single knitter is shorthand for “nothing to see here, move on.”

But when knitters gather, we become incongruously conspicuous. We are a species that other people aren’t used to seeing in flocks, like a cluster of Corgis, a dozen Elvis impersonators waiting for the elevator.”

Clara Parkes- Knitlandia: A knitter sees the world.

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Knitters tend to see the world differently to non knitters. The world to us is all about colour, blends, shapes and sequences. We are continually inspired by the landscape and world around us, be that urban, rural or coastal. Paving flags and flowerbeds become colour work swatches. The people we meet along the way inspire great relationships and lasting friendships. Knitters supporting each other across the divide, through knitalongs and projects. And, in 2017, through protest.

The Washington Women’s March, 2017 (c) Brian Allen.

Chance meetings can sometimes lead to job opportunities too. Nothing connects people like a shared passion, especially yarn arts – knitting crochet and weaving no matter how small the group is, it is this shared passion that brings us together.




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