Marion Woolcott on Working with Wool & WOOLFEST

Keen-eyed WOVEMBER readers will have noticed the prominence of WOOLFEST amongst our writings on WOOL, and the many times we have referred to this wonderful annual fibre festival in discussing how gaps between producers and consumers of WOOL might be closed. WOOLFEST started in 2005 and now attracts over 100 stallholders and 4000 visitors every… Continue Reading Marion Woolcott on Working with Wool & WOOLFEST

Laura Rosenzweig on Growing Wool…

Throughout WOVEMBER some of the people who work with a whole process – from raw sheep, to finished textile – will share their stories here on the WOVEMBER blog in a series of posts spread across the month. One such person is Laura Rosenzweig of Laura’s Loom, who is producing a range of woollen products… Continue Reading Laura Rosenzweig on Growing Wool…


Throughout WOVEMBER we shall share snippets from the WOOL publications which we enjoy and which have inspired us to appreciate more deeply what WOOL is. These WOVEMBER WORDS shall be leaked at eleven o’clock on days when we have them, so that you may enjoy them during your elevenses.* We welcome your contributions to WOVEMBER… Continue Reading WOVEMBER WORDS #1

Why “Closing the Gap”? and why SONIK WOVEMBER?

I hope you won’t mind a personal post here from me, Felicity, one of the members of TEAM WOVEMBER! I wanted to explain a little bit why I chose “Closing the Gap” as the theme for this year’s month-long celebration of WOOL and why there will be a SONIK dimension to this years’ WOVEMBER festivities.… Continue Reading Why “Closing the Gap”? and why SONIK WOVEMBER?