Wovember Words: Reestit mutton soup

Following the earlier post about sheep collars there was the mention of a food very specific to Shetland – reestit mutton. Here at WOVEMBER we like to celebrate everything the sheep has to offer and thought we should look a little further at this. Reestit mutton has been a home-killed and cured meat in Shetland for… Continue Reading Wovember Words: Reestit mutton soup

Two safe pairs of hands

‘Two safe pairs of hands. Ella Gordon and Sandra Manson from Jamieson and Smith, the Woolbrokers in Lerwick, admiring a cobweb lace shawl.’ – Jeni Reid

Wovember Words: branks, yokes, pokes or bjoags?

Last week TEAM WOVEMBER featured sheep bells in Wovember Words. This prompted Louise to look into something touched on in Stella Sutherland’s poem (also last week) with the Shetland Ewe wearing her “hard triangle of sticks”.  As a small child I was often surrounded by sheep on our croft on Bressay and was quite familiar with their… Continue Reading Wovember Words: branks, yokes, pokes or bjoags?

Ronnie's Rams

‘Ronnie Eunson’s Rams. Ronnie is one of the members of Shetland Organics, an organisation promoting organic fleece and wool from the Shetland islands.’ – Jeni Reid

Nature's Natural Colours

We shared this photo by Jeni Reid here a few days ago. This beautiful coloured fleece was discarded with only the white ones from the clip being sent on to the Wool Marketing Board. Many of you commented that you would have found a use for the fleece and that this lovely wool really shouldn’t… Continue Reading Nature's Natural Colours

Wovember Words: Shetland Ewe

Stella Sutherland is a writer from Bressay, Shetland. She has written four collections of poetry, contributed to a number of anthologies and written articles. I have always enjoyed Stella’s poetry which connects to animals and the landscape – a landscape very recognisable to me, as a Bressa’ lass myself. I was reading through one of… Continue Reading Wovember Words: Shetland Ewe

Shetland Ewes from Yell

‘Shetland ewes from Yell. Taken at the National Association of North Atlantic Sheep and Wool Conference in 2013. Lovely wise faces.’ – Jeni Reid

Hap Shawl Landscape

‘This was taken at dusk near Voe, Shetland. It’s the veiw from Colin Johnston’s farm and I was struck by the shoreline. It looks just like the edges of a Hap Shawl. Maybe I’ve spent too much time staring at knitting!’ – Jeni Reid And for comparison, an actual hap shawl blocking in the Shetland… Continue Reading Hap Shawl Landscape


Continuing from today’s WOVEMBER WORDS, this evening we have a wonderful piece by Ella Gordon on the joys of using a traditional Shetland jumper board. This piece was originally published here on Ella’s blog. If WOVEMBER readers do not already read Ella’s blog it is really an amazing treasure trove of woolly lore. She writes… Continue Reading Boarding