The end of WOVEMBER… almost.

Dear WOVEMBERISTS and comrades, Today marks the end of WOVEMBER… almost. We hope you’ll agree that this year has been a particularly exciting edition of our annual woolly festivities. From this end it’s felt important to discuss issues around mislabeling, provenance, traceability and sustainability and to explore some of the potential solutions that WOOL can… Continue Reading The end of WOVEMBER… almost.


WELCOME TO WOVEMBER 2013 As in previous years of WOVEMBER, the team are concocting a wooltastic month for you. There shall be content throughout the month celebrating WOOL and the journey it makes from sheep to shoulders, through a 5-part series of themed posts divided across ‘Growing Wool’, ‘Harvesting Wool’, ‘Processing Wool’, ‘Working with Wool’… Continue Reading WELCOME TO WOVEMBER 2013!