Woolness and us: Of Fleece and Friendship

Sarah Hunt, host of the Fiber Trek podcast, sent us this wonderful post for Wovember. While it WAY exceeded our word count for the ‘woolness and me’ posts, we thought it would make a very special “woolness and us” story. This Wovember we have seen how wool contributes to wide ideas and examples of wellness.… Continue Reading Woolness and us: Of Fleece and Friendship

Introducing Wovember 2016

Since Wovember began in 2011 we have brought you almost 300 posts of carefully curated woolly content. Content from the Wovember archives In the last two years our turbo enthusiasm for wool plus generous contributions of words and pictures brought you a dazzling daily line-up that included a daily wool photograph; a Wovember Words post;… Continue Reading Introducing Wovember 2016

The Wool Man

‘The Wool Shed, Jamieson and Smith Woolbrokers, Lerwick, Shetland. These are the hands of the managing director, Oliver Henry, or as he is more commonly known – The Wool Man. Oliver’s talks about sorting and grading fleece are one of the highlights of Shetland Wool Week.’ – Jeni Reid