The Wool Man

‘The Wool Shed, Jamieson and Smith Woolbrokers, Lerwick, Shetland. These are the hands of the managing director, Oliver Henry, or as he is more commonly known – The Wool Man. Oliver’s talks about sorting and grading fleece are one of the highlights of Shetland Wool Week.’ – Jeni Reid

Nature's Natural Colours

We shared this photo by Jeni Reid here a few days ago. This beautiful coloured fleece was discarded with only the white ones from the clip being sent on to the Wool Marketing Board. Many of you commented that you would have found a use for the fleece and that this lovely wool really shouldn’t… Continue Reading Nature's Natural Colours


Hello and a Very Happy New Year to you all! Apologies for the slight lateness in posting details of our WOVEMBER photo competition and WOVEMBERWAL winners; the Winter was rather busy for all members of the team and we have all been rather swept up in our respective work with WOOL! The festive season saw… Continue Reading WOVEMBER PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS, 2013

Kate Davies on Working with Wool…

Continuing with today’s theme of ‘Working with WOOL’ for creative design work, TEAM WOVEMBER member Kate Davies has taken a momentary pause from SNAWHEID excitement and work on ‘Colours of Shetland‘ to answer a Q&A with Felicity Ford. Kate has been slightly less involved with WOVEMBER this year than last because of all the work… Continue Reading Kate Davies on Working with Wool…