An Open Letter to The Campaign For Wool

Dear Campaign for Wool, We’d like to introduce ourselves as the organisers of Wovember. We are Felicity Ford and Louise Scollay and Wovember is an annual celebration of wool that takes place every November. We aim to encourage early our audience to enjoy wool throughout the whole month; disabuse consumers about misleading advertising spin and… Continue Reading An Open Letter to The Campaign For Wool

The end of WOVEMBER… almost.

Dear WOVEMBERISTS and comrades, Today marks the end of WOVEMBER… almost. We hope you’ll agree that this year has been a particularly exciting edition of our annual woolly festivities. From this end it’s felt important to discuss issues around mislabeling, provenance, traceability and sustainability and to explore some of the potential solutions that WOOL can… Continue Reading The end of WOVEMBER… almost.


Dear WOVEMBERISTS, fellow comrades in WOOL, lovers of the fleece, BUDDIES IN BAAS; – This is a massive heartfelt thanks to everyone who makes WOVEMBER happen every year. Thank you for tweeting and re-tweeting our articles, for sharing our stories on Facebook, for signing our petition, for mentioning this site on Ravelry and for generally… Continue Reading TURBOTHANKS X

Introducing Louise Scollay AKA Knit British!

Team Wovember has a new team member: Louise Scollay. Louise is the voice of the Knit British podcast and the writer of the Knit British blog and has joined Team Wovember this year to share her love of native breeds and their beauteous wool. How did you hear about Wovember? I first heard about WOVEMBER… Continue Reading Introducing Louise Scollay AKA Knit British!