WOOLNESS WORDS: Sweaters that Talk Back

Today’s Woolness Words post features the fantastic introduction from Lisa Anne Auerbach’s highly recommended book, Charted Patterns for SWEATERS THAT TALK BACK. Lisa Anne Auerbach is known for translating bold political statements into fantastically critical and opinionated knitwear. She recasts the simple sweater as a canvas for activism and ideology. We thought this paragraph offers… Continue Reading WOOLNESS WORDS: Sweaters that Talk Back

Grassroots Activism – The Power of The #Hashtag

This Wovember we are bringing you content built around the theme of The Politics of Wool and are publishing pieces under five headings – Grassroots Activism; Labels; Think Global, Act Local; Be the Change and Woolpowerment! Throughout the month we are also encouraging Wovember readers to be the change you want to see, and to take Wovember… Continue Reading Grassroots Activism – The Power of The #Hashtag

Wearing Wool

We are into the last 5 days of WOVEMBER! This means we are into the last topic of our five phases of WOVEMBER blogposts – ‘Growing Wool’, ‘Harvesting Wool’, ‘Processing Wool’, ‘Working with Wool’ and ‘Wearing Wool’. I hope it is by now clear why we chose this structure for organising all the pieces this… Continue Reading Wearing Wool