A new shepherdess in Burpham

There are many things related to wool that that bring me a sense of wellbeing. Some that are directly relevant to the following set of interviews are: contemplating the interconnectedness of things; how history runs into the present and how paying heed to the future is important in all our actions in the present.  … Continue Reading A new shepherdess in Burpham

Wovember Words: Government of Cattel

For today’s WOVEMBER WORDS we examine a 1596 document by Leonard Mascal, as it is introduced by Barclay Wills in his own fantastic tome, ‘Shepherds of Sussex’. Words from both ‘Government of Cattel’ and ‘Shepherds of Sussex’ indicate the unchanging aspects and long history of much of the work involved in Growing Wool and it… Continue Reading Wovember Words: Government of Cattel

Shankend Sheep Sponsorship

In the second of this week’s WOVEMBER posts featuring Kate Graham and her farm at Shankend, Louise finds out more about the sponsorship scheme Kate runs. Earlier this year I had read an article about Ralph Lauren buying yarn from a farm in Oregon to clad the entire USA team for the Winter Olympics in… Continue Reading Shankend Sheep Sponsorship