Louise Spong and Jenny Dean on Natural Dyeing

Last night we heard from Louise Spong about The South Downs, Southdown sheep, and South Downs Yarn. You may have seen a few glimpses of the beautiful palette that the yarn is available in. Louise only uses natural dyes, and she is indepted to Jenny Dean, who is her mentor and partner in crime in… Continue Reading Louise Spong and Jenny Dean on Natural Dyeing

Wovember Words: Pyecombe Hook

As an amuse-bouche for tonight’s post with Louise Spong from South Downs Yarn, we hear from her about a very special shepherd’s crook. With Louise’s natural curiosity, it was not enough to just know about the hook. She actually made one herself! So, here’s Louise, on the Pyecombe Hook: Ah, therein lies a tale or… Continue Reading Wovember Words: Pyecombe Hook