Pam Hall on Growing Wool…

Some of you may remember that last year during WOVEMBER we featured a Q&A with Marion Woolcott about WOOLFEST? WOOLFEST is organised by The Wool Clip – a co-operative of 15 members who share the work of running a shop through which they are able to sell their woollen goods. The Wool Clip – photo… Continue Reading Pam Hall on Growing Wool…

Spring has sprung!

After a long and largely sunless Winter, SPRING is finally here! In my garden here in Reading, there is an apple tree with new growth bristling in its twisty branches; the papery petals of the hellebore flowers are in bloom; a scattering of vivacious green leaves are sprouting along the hedges; and neat little clusters… Continue Reading Spring has sprung!

Cecilia Hewett on Working with Wool, Part II

Continuing on from our earlier post on Cecilia’s handspinning, here is Part II of our interview, in which Cecilia talks about the relationships between the place where she lives and the yarns that she creates… 4. Could you tell us something about the relationship between your spinning activities and the place where you live? I… Continue Reading Cecilia Hewett on Working with Wool, Part II

Marion Woolcott on Working with Wool & WOOLFEST

Keen-eyed WOVEMBER readers will have noticed the prominence of WOOLFEST amongst our writings on WOOL, and the many times we have referred to this wonderful annual fibre festival in discussing how gaps between producers and consumers of WOOL might be closed. WOOLFEST started in 2005 and now attracts over 100 stallholders and 4000 visitors every… Continue Reading Marion Woolcott on Working with Wool & WOOLFEST