Daily Photo: Making 5

Part of the Daily Photo series of photos taken and curated by Jeni Reid especially for WOVEMBER, this photo is part of a series documenting beautiful things Jeni Reid has made with WOOL in celebration of for the WORKING WITH WOOL phase of WOVEMBER. This is from a selection of my own woolly endeavours. Some… Continue Reading Daily Photo: Making 5

Cecilia Hewett on Working with Wool, Part III

This instalment concludes our 3-part interview with Cecilia about the creation of her handspun yarns. Earlier today she gave us a tour of some of the yarns she produces, and wrote eloquently about the relationships between the place where she lives and the yarns that she spins. Finally Cecilia will tell us about the tools… Continue Reading Cecilia Hewett on Working with Wool, Part III

Walter’s Crook

Throughout Wovember we shall be sharing blog posts here which gave us extra insight into the history, culture and production of WOOL when we read them. This post was written by Rachael Matthews in 2009, and all the photos were taken by her. It is re-published from the Prick Your Finger blog. We shall be… Continue Reading Walter’s Crook