The Wovember Ravelry Swap

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  • CAST ON!
  • You can go stash-diving, or seek out just the right wool for your new pattern.
  • If you can, knit local. Try and find a wool yarn that is grown, spun or dyed in your area or country.
The Coburger Fuchsschaf sheep of Germany (c) Andreas Franzkowiak
The Coburger Fuchsschaf sheep of Germany (c) Andreas Franzkowiak
  • We would love to see what you are knitting over in the Wovember Ravelry group and we will open up a swap chat thread so that you can post about your pattern, the wool you are going to be using (even if you can’t cast on right away) and you can even share your baked goods too!
  • If you are casting on, take a picture of your WIP for the #wovemberwal or for the IG photo contest, by using #wovember2016
insert local wool and baked goods here!
insert local wool and baked goods here!
  • Mostly just enjoy – enjoy a wool project, gifted from a like-minded person and making wool and craft connections over the miles.


Thanks again to Nadine and we really hope you enjoy the Wovember Swap. It may be a small act to send a pattern to someone – but small actions can have big impacts. Celebrate wool in anyway you can this Wovember.

Don’t forget you can also use our hashtags #bethechange and #wovember2016 to share your own blog posts, podcasts, images and projects which spread the good word about wool. 

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