Deb Robson on Growing Wool…

We mentioned Deb Robson in our recommended reading for WOVEMBER post, and in “Growing Wool in pictures by Susan Gibbs“. If you have not yet seen The Fleece and Fibre Sourcebook we suggest you check it out at once! And if you ever have the chance to attend one of Deb Robson’s workshops, you will become tremendously excited about all the different sheep breeds in existence, and her marvellous wine-tasting approach to sampling, savouring and appreciating WOOL in all its glorious variety!

Rare breed sheep wool swatches, knitted mostly using Blacker Yarns at one of Deb Robson’s “Working with rare breed sheep wools” workshops

Deb’s schedule is always full of WOOL-promoting activities, and a couple of weeks ago – in spite of being busy with preparations for SOAR – she made time to contribute to all five phases of our WOVEMBER “Closing the Gap” theme! We are delighted that Deb will be appearing here throughout WOVEMBER, and to mark this happy announcement, here are some of her notes and photos on Growing Wool…

01 – Finnsheep ewes: Some sheep are jacketed, or coated, to protect their wool while it’s growing. Much good wool is also grown without jacketing!

02 – These Black Welsh Mountain ewes know the importance of eating well. Good wool depends on good nutrition–and many other factors, including favorable weather.

03 – This Border Leicester sheep’s fleece will grow long enough that it may be shorn twice in a single year.