The first Wovember Words on Wearing Wool come from Elizabeth Zimmermann, believed that you can’t start too early with wearing wool. Here she is on making babies’ things:

Although babies rarely, if ever, express their pleasure at being dressed in wool, it is surely manifest when you dote on a small plump person soundly and contentedly asleep, swaddled in woollen sweater, woollen leggings, and a soft wool bonnet, snugly tucked under a fine warm wool blanket.

Nothing keeps a baby as warm and comfortable as wool; even when damp, let alone wringing wet, wool doesn’t become chilly, and to many of us it is well worth the trouble of washing carefully.

If there is one fact on which all grandmothers agree, it is that no daughter-in-law knows how to wash wool. This may be true, but it is no reason for the grandmas to stop knitting.

-Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac; projects for each month of the year, Dover Publications, Mineola, NY

Here is Wovember Team Member Tom wearing a woollen cardigan, aged two – clearly he caught the wool bug early!