Wovember Words #4

The last triad of a trio of Oxford English Dictionary entries, as selected by Wovember friend Liz Ashdowne. This time we move from lamb to crone. lamb-ale, noun (see quotation). 1781 T. Warton Hist. Eng. Poetry III. xxv. 129 Lamb-ale is still used at the village of Kirtlington in Oxfordshire, for an annual feast or celebrity… Continue Reading Wovember Words #4

Lesley Prior on Growing Wool

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/64629692] If you followed WOVEMBER last year, you will already know a little about the work that Lesley does for WOOL! Last year, Lesley and Finisterre provided an amazing series of posts detailing how the fibre grown on Lesley’s farm is turned into beautifully soft sweaters which are made entirely in the UK, and… Continue Reading Lesley Prior on Growing Wool

Wovember Words #3

As promised yesterday, here are some more lamby words. Wovember friend Liz Ashdowne has found them all in the Oxford English Dictionary! gimmer-lamb, n. A female lamb that has not been shorn. a1642 H. Best Farming & Memorandum Bks. (1984) 4 From lambinge time‥till clippinge time‥they [sc. ewes] are called gimmer lambes. hob-lamb, n. A… Continue Reading Wovember Words #3

The revolution WILL be televised!

We interrupt our schedule of posts from Shepherds during the ‘Growing Wool’ phase of the WOVEMBER postings to reflect on recent events in the world of blade-shearing, handspinning & handknitting, and to bring you news of the momentous use of this fleece, grown on the back of a now famous Norwegian sheep! Who else was… Continue Reading The revolution WILL be televised!

Wovember Words #2

Seeing that we’re talking about growing wool here at Wovember at the moment, here are some words relating to lambs. All three words have been carefully hand-picked from the Oxford English Dictionary by Wovember friend Liz Ashdowne. She got rather enthusiastic, so there will be some more lamby words tomorrow! chilver, noun A ewe-lamb: commonly… Continue Reading Wovember Words #2

Pam Hall on Growing Wool…

Some of you may remember that last year during WOVEMBER we featured a Q&A with Marion Woolcott about WOOLFEST? WOOLFEST is organised by The Wool Clip – a co-operative of 15 members who share the work of running a shop through which they are able to sell their woollen goods. The Wool Clip – photo… Continue Reading Pam Hall on Growing Wool…

Foula Wool Q&A

It seems that every member of Team Wovember has a soft spot for Magnus and Justyna Holburn’s Foula Wool. Kate has designed a hat/tea-cosy knitting pattern called Tea Jenny. Tom is working on a men’s Fair Isle cardigan knitting pattern, to be launched later in Wovember, and Felix is a general admirer and desperate to… Continue Reading Foula Wool Q&A


WELCOME TO WOVEMBER 2013 As in previous years of WOVEMBER, the team are concocting a wooltastic month for you. There shall be content throughout the month celebrating WOOL and the journey it makes from sheep to shoulders, through a 5-part series of themed posts divided across ‘Growing Wool’, ‘Harvesting Wool’, ‘Processing Wool’, ‘Working with Wool’… Continue Reading WELCOME TO WOVEMBER 2013!

Layter – a celebration of sheep and wool

This post originally appeared on the Kate Davies Designs blog on the 1st of WOVEMBER 2013, and is republished here in celebration of sheep and wool! In case you hadn’t noticed, today is the first of WOVEMBER! I thought I’d begin the month by showing you a garment that, like no other I can think… Continue Reading Layter – a celebration of sheep and wool

Wovember Words #1

Dear Wovember readers, welcome to Wovember 2013, where we will be celebrating another round of all things WOOL! The official start will be tonight, but I, Team Wovember Member Tom, have the privilege to start the first of Wovember with the first of a new series of Wovember Words. Some of you may know already… Continue Reading Wovember Words #1