Week two of the #Wovember2016 instagram photo competition…

As we mentioned in this post Wovember is once again hosting an annual photo contest on instagram. All you have to do to enter is use the hashtag #Wovember2016 on any images which show the ways in which you are appreciating and celebrating sheep and wool this Wovember. You can see some of the diverse range of entries here! Every week, lifelong wool lover and long-term Wovember supporter Joanne Spittler will share her favourites as a kind of woolly round up of some of the awesome stuff taking place around the world this Wovember.

This week I am focusing on the spinning of wool. In my opinion the ‘invention’ of spinning was a great step forward as this consequently gave man kind unknown opportunities to work with fiber.

I believe that these three images capture the art of spinning very nicely:

BabroH shows a part of her beautiful Swedish wooden spinning wheel.

#wovember2016 #handspun #finnwool #saxonywheel Spinning lovely brown wool on my Lindh wheel from Sweden.

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It’s beautiful to see this detail of Linda spinning some fine wool:

The light on Fran’s spinning wheel gives her image an extra special glow which only enhances its beauty:

Thanks to Joanne for taking the time to go through the photos submitted so far to the Wovember 2016 photo competition and for making such a thoughtful selection; these top picks really celebrate hand spinning and its place in the journey that textiles make from sheep to shoulders.