Today’s Woolness & Me post was written by Kate Schofield, of Lancashire Farm Wool, who is here to talk about ‘woolness’ in the context of a new project she has been trialling with some willing guinea pigs. Warm feet? We can’t think of anything lovelier!

Woolly welly cuffs

Here is an image of my ‘Welly Wool and Boot Cuffs’ – now being trialled by one of my farmers and my optician (she is a keen walker!)

This carded fleece lining is a traditional way of keeping feet warm. chilblain and blister-free while trudging round wearing your wellies or hiking and rambling in mud,snow and general Winter weather. After a day of trudging or rambling the fleece should have felted into a sole shape. The Cuffs help prevent skinned ankles and look good as well!

I’ve used organic grown Lonk and North Country Cheviot from the conservation grazer flock for the welly wool and you can set your imagination free for the boot cuffs! Any scraps of yarn, any pattern, it just needs to be fairly stretchy.

Does it work? We’ll find out this winter when the ‘Guinea Pigs’ report back! Hopefully the wool will have ensured happy feet! Also a small, interesting project like knitting the boot cuffs could contribute to mental wellness as it can be as creative, simple or complicated as you like, will use up odd scraps of wool and just be a bit of fun.

Lancashire Farm Wools

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