The sheep are free

‘One of the white Cheviot sheep in Stoer. The sheep are owned by crofters and have the freedom to go wherever they want – all the way to the seashore.’ – Jeni Reid

A sock in a pot

‘A sock in a pot. In the outside loo at the bottom of my stairs, it’s now a potting shed.’ – Jeni Reid

Handspun socks in progress

‘Handspun socks in progress. I love the satisfaction which comes from spinning and knitting socks, I even enjoy darning them!’ – Jeni Reid

Fair Isle socks

‘Fair Isle socks knitted with yarn from Maine and designs from Mary Jane Mucklestone’s book of Fair Isle Motifs.’ – Jeni Reid

One day it will be a jumper

‘Yarn spun from a silver-grey shetland fleece that I bought from Shetland Organics in 2013. Three ply and worsted spun. One day it will be a jumper.’ – Jeni Reid This traceable woolen yarn and its prospective future are reminiscent of this label…

Two safe pairs of hands

‘Two safe pairs of hands. Ella Gordon and Sandra Manson from Jamieson and Smith, the Woolbrokers in Lerwick, admiring a cobweb lace shawl.’ – Jeni Reid

Ronnie's Rams

‘Ronnie Eunson’s Rams. Ronnie is one of the members of Shetland Organics, an organisation promoting organic fleece and wool from the Shetland islands.’ – Jeni Reid

Handspun scraps from making a PI Shawl

‘Handspun scraps from making a PI Shawl (pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman) I made the shawl from handspun BFL singles which were dyed by using local leaves and plants. And some onion skins from the supermarket.’ – Jeni Reid