Rachel Atkinson on Working with Wool

This evening on the cusp of Working with Wool and Wearing Wool, we hear from Rachel Atkinson whom many of you may know through her blog, My Life in Knitwear. Today she writes about the role that sheep have played in her life and her plans to spin fleece from her father’s flock into a… Continue Reading Rachel Atkinson on Working with Wool

Louise Spong on Tracing Provenance

As part of our focus on small producers, Wovember Team Member Tom met up with Louise Spong, founder of South Downs Yarn and Jenny Dean, expert natural dyer, and visited Graham Langford, one of the three shepherds that own the Nepcote Flock of Southdown sheep. Cup of tea warning: make a brew and get comfy,… Continue Reading Louise Spong on Tracing Provenance

Wovember Words: Tups and Tupping

This evening we shall be meeting some lambs. However in order to have lambs, you must have rams or tups as they are often known… Here are Jane Cooper’s characterful Boreray boys in a post by Jane which gives meaning and context to the terms ‘tup’ and ‘tupping’. Introducing, from left to right, Bollocks, Bede… Continue Reading Wovember Words: Tups and Tupping

WOAH-vember !

An extra WOVEMBER post today with an important¬†announcement. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY GOT IT ON THE NOSE THIS WOVEMBER!   We asked you for your WOVEMBER contributions this year and we have had such an incredible response to our call for submissions. We have been OVERWHELMED with woolly contributions and, staggeringly, we have now come to… Continue Reading WOAH-vember !

I love it still

‘One of my first handspun projects made from merino tops and spun on a drop spindle. This is a wrap knitted in a slip stitch pattern to show off the changes in the colours. I was aiming for something which looked like Noro yarn. It took forever to make and I love it still.’ –… Continue Reading I love it still

Valais Blacknose sheep

‘A close up of one of the Valais Blacknose sheep from Tommintoul. That’s my hand with the watch giving the sheep a scratch. They are an incredibly friendly breed.’ – Jeni Reid

Unst Lace

‘The island of Unst is famous for lace knitting. I was lucky to meet some of the knitters last year during Shetland Wool Week.’ – Jeni Reid


‘Tuppence, one of a small flock of Soay sheep based near Perth and owned by Joanne Romanis and Peter Mossey. Sheep with tremendous character and a sharp front hoof.’ – Jeni Reid

Merino in bright colours

‘When I first learned to spin all I bought was merino fibre dyed in bright colours. I’ve been trying to use it up ever since.’ – Jeni Reid