Daily Photo Series: Ryeland Sheep and Lambs 1

If you have been at any woolly events this year, you may have spotted Jeni Reid and her camera. Jeni has a really sensitive eye and a true talent for capturing the very soul of wool. We are thrilled to share some of what she and her lens have seen this past year in the… Continue Reading Daily Photo Series: Ryeland Sheep and Lambs 1

Wovember Words: The Valley of Eden

Welcome to the inaugaural WOVEMBER WORDS post of 2015! For those of you new to WOVEMBER WORDS, this is a daily elevenses of sheep and wool themed literature to be enjoyed during your morning break. Founded by WOVEMBER MEMBER Tom in 2012 the archive of WOVEMBER WORDS articles can be searched by clicking here. This… Continue Reading Wovember Words: The Valley of Eden

My Wovember Sweater

Another wondrous post from Jane Cooper telling the story from sheep to sweater of one very special garment! I’ve spent the entire month wearing just one sweater. It’s been a fun way to celebrate Wovember but also a way to fully test the properties of a new knitting yarn. I’d like to introduce Orkney Wool… Continue Reading My Wovember Sweater

The Sheep On The Shore and The North Ronaldsay Spinning Mill

This evening we have a gem of a post from Jane Cooper, who will be known to many of you through her amazing work on the Woolsack project and also for the work she does on the Blacker and Beyond and Fleece & Fibre Sourcebook group on Ravelry which celebrates a diverse range of different… Continue Reading The Sheep On The Shore and The North Ronaldsay Spinning Mill


One more beautiful guest post from Sara Dunham reflecting on a special member of her flock. I buried an old friend yesterday, a Jacob ewe who was at least 16, if not older. Elizabeth. Or as she was called for the last couple of years, Queen Elizabeth. I’m not sure about large flocks, but in… Continue Reading Elizabeth

It all circles back to the sheep…

Another bonus post here from Sara Dunham, this time focusing on the wondrous journey that real WOOL makes in its journey from sheep to textiles. It all circles back to the sheep I was set up in the livestock area at the 2013 Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. The shearers were running ongoing demonstrations across… Continue Reading It all circles back to the sheep…

Chris Dyer: crofting aspirations

Here at WOVEMBER we recognise the importance of the wool journey and we have been very lucky to have had such insightful contributions looking at sheep farming. In today’s post we look at the experiences of first time crofter Chris Dyer. Originally from London, archaeologist Chris decided to take over a croft in Bressay, Shetland… Continue Reading Chris Dyer: crofting aspirations

Lamb camp

Sara Dunham – the shepherd from whom we heard earlier in the month – has sent us some beautiful pieces about her sheep. These will sometimes appear between now and the end of WOVEMBER as lovely snippets designed to give you a sheepy boost to beat the afternoon slump! Thanks Sara for these wonderful words… Continue Reading Lamb camp

The sheep are free

‘One of the white Cheviot sheep in Stoer. The sheep are owned by crofters and have the freedom to go wherever they want – all the way to the seashore.’ – Jeni Reid