WOOLNESS & ME: My woolly walking stick

Today’s Woolness & Me post was written by Felicity Ford AKA Felix (one half of Team Wovember!) who is here to talk about ‘woolness’ in the context of wool, disability, and walking with a stick. The magical properties of wool were first revealed to me not through knitting, but through wet-felting. I was at a… Continue Reading WOOLNESS & ME: My woolly walking stick

An Open Letter to The Campaign For Wool

Dear Campaign for Wool, We’d like to introduce ourselves as the organisers of Wovember. We are Felicity Ford and Louise Scollay and Wovember is an annual celebration of wool that takes place every November. We aim to encourage early our audience to enjoy wool throughout the whole month; disabuse consumers about misleading advertising spin and… Continue Reading An Open Letter to The Campaign For Wool

Wovember Words: Huff

Fellow TEAM WOVEMBER member Louise Scollay has insisted that for one of the posts I share the words to the Shetland Wool Week Song. I wrote this song for Shetland Wool Week 2013, and it is an unapologetic celebration of beautiful Shetland Wool. In one of the verses I talk about “huffing the wool fumes”;… Continue Reading Wovember Words: Huff

Layter – a celebration of sheep and wool

This post originally appeared on the Kate Davies Designs blog on the 1st of WOVEMBER 2013, and is republished here in celebration of sheep and wool! In case you hadn’t noticed, today is the first of WOVEMBER! I thought I’d begin the month by showing you a garment that, like no other I can think… Continue Reading Layter – a celebration of sheep and wool

Wearing Wool

We are into the last 5 days of WOVEMBER! This means we are into the last topic of our five phases of WOVEMBER blogposts – ‘Growing Wool’, ‘Harvesting Wool’, ‘Processing Wool’, ‘Working with Wool’ and ‘Wearing Wool’. I hope it is by now clear why we chose this structure for organising all the pieces this… Continue Reading Wearing Wool

On Working with Wool & Wood

Following on from Cecilia’s accounts of creating her handspun yarn using locally made tools and locally grown materials, we thought you might enjoy this post, previously published on The Domestic Soundscape blog, which celebrates some of the wooden tools employed by hand-spinners, and the wood workers who make them. If you like this story, you… Continue Reading On Working with Wool & Wood