Merino in bright colours

‘When I first learned to spin all I bought was merino fibre dyed in bright colours. I’ve been trying to use it up ever since.’ – Jeni Reid

Lesley Prior on Wearing Wool

We do not have very many posts on the subject of ‘Wearing Wool’ this year, as there seemed to be so much more to say about ‘Working with Wool’ and so many people doing amazing stuff with this textile, that we extended that section. That WOOL is amazing to wear is very evident in the… Continue Reading Lesley Prior on Wearing Wool

Woolly roundup

It’s time for the WEEKLY, WOOLLY ROUNDUP! Thanks again everyone for all the Wovember work you’re doing to raise the profile of WOOL FOR WHAT IT IS on your own blogs, in your knitting projects, in your felt-making and – yes – in your Christmas plans. I learned this week about Christmas Tree Skirts from… Continue Reading Woolly roundup