The WOVEMBER WAL Showcase!

This is it, folks, the last post of WOVEMBER 2013! Don’t worry though, as usual there will be a few afterwords… we still need to identify the winners of the WAL and of the photo competition! In the meantime, as promised, here are some of the BEAUTIFUL things people have been doing with WOOL during… Continue Reading The WOVEMBER WAL Showcase!

Wearing Wool

The close of WOVEMBER is almost upon us, and so we are endeavouring to maximise the WOOLCONTENT while we may!!! A few points on Wearing Wool… firstly, we wanted to share with you an amazing design company whose work is really inspiring us here at WOVEMBER: Leafcutter Designs. Wool/Sheep Craft Tag, created by and ©… Continue Reading Wearing Wool

Wovember Words #1

Dear Wovember readers, welcome to Wovember 2013, where we will be celebrating another round of all things WOOL! The official start will be tonight, but I, Team Wovember Member Tom, have the privilege to start the first of Wovember with the first of a new series of Wovember Words. Some of you may know already… Continue Reading Wovember Words #1