The WOVEMBER WAL Showcase!

This is it, folks, the last post of WOVEMBER 2013! Don’t worry though, as usual there will be a few afterwords… we still need to identify the winners of the WAL and of the photo competition! In the meantime, as promised, here are some of the BEAUTIFUL things people have been doing with WOOL during… Continue Reading The WOVEMBER WAL Showcase!

Ian Tait on Making Spindles – Part 2

Dear Wovember Readers, we have another evening with Ian Tait, who runs IST Crafts. Yesterday we heard from Ian in his own words, but tonight we’ll feature a new edition of a Q&A originally posted in the the Ravely Spindle Candy group. I feel Ian’s approach to spindle making, and his use of materials really resonates with… Continue Reading Ian Tait on Making Spindles – Part 2

Wearing Wool

The close of WOVEMBER is almost upon us, and so we are endeavouring to maximise the WOOLCONTENT while we may!!! A few points on Wearing Wool… firstly, we wanted to share with you an amazing design company whose work is really inspiring us here at WOVEMBER: Leafcutter Designs. Wool/Sheep Craft Tag, created by and ©… Continue Reading Wearing Wool

Lesley Prior on Wearing Wool

We do not have very many posts on the subject of ‘Wearing Wool’ this year, as there seemed to be so much more to say about ‘Working with Wool’ and so many people doing amazing stuff with this textile, that we extended that section. That WOOL is amazing to wear is very evident in the… Continue Reading Lesley Prior on Wearing Wool

Wovember Words #21

As this is the last working day in Wovember, this will be the last Wovember Words post. Today I’d like to share Felix’s, Kate’s, and Tom’s Personal Favourite Top-Three Wovember Words Winning Entries, and also the most favourite word selected by Wovember Readers. But first, here’s a recap of all the Wovember Words we heard… Continue Reading Wovember Words #21

Ian Tait on Making Spindles – Part 1

Dear Wovember Readers, tonight’s post and tomorrow’s post will go back to the Working With Wool theme, as we managed to get a last-minute contribution from Ian Tait, who runs IST Crafts. When I started out with spinning, I learnt on a drop spindle, and I didn’t get on with the cheap spindle I had… Continue Reading Ian Tait on Making Spindles – Part 1

Wovember Words #6

Today’s Wovember Words is a small excerpt from German writer Thomas Mann’s 1924 novel The Magic Mountain. It’s been a long time since I read this last, but I still remember the scene where a young Hans Castorp visits his ailing cousin Joachim Ziemssen in the Swiss International Sanatorium Berghof. Hans is initiated in one of the many rituals surrounding the lives… Continue Reading Wovember Words #6

Growing Wool in Shetland

WOVEMBER readers may have noticed that all three members of TEAM WOVEMBER have visited Shetland, and have fallen a bit in love with these amazing isles! In the first year of WOVEMBER, Kate put together a beautiful guest post featuring “Ooey Ollie” talking about grading and sorting Shetland wool fleeces; last year we did a… Continue Reading Growing Wool in Shetland

Wovember Words #5

Today’s Wovember Words is brought to you by a member of the Wovember Ravelry group. She goes by the Ravelry name Corvid and is superstar glove knitter; do check out her project page if you’re a Ravelry member! Winding Wool, by Robert William Service. Winding Wool She’d bring to me a skein of wool And… Continue Reading Wovember Words #5

Sue Blacker on Growing Wool

WOVEMBER readers may remember that several posts featured Sue Blacker’s work with wool last year. Sue works across the wool industry in myriad ways, designing yarns and patterns for Blacker Yarns; Managing and Directing The Natural Fibre Company; and keeping her own flock of sheep. These posts harvested from Sue’s blog this year give some… Continue Reading Sue Blacker on Growing Wool